Little James Basket Press White - Sauvignon Viognier

Little James Basket Press White - Sauvignon Viognier

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It is always a pleasure to offer you a good white Little James. Because every moment in life warrants its own wine, we often need a nice, simple, aromatic and fresh wine. Over the past few hundred years, French winegrowers have been unrivalled in the work they have carried out on varietal selection and improvements to that selection. This work is not done by people in white coats in a laboratory but in vineyards and wineries, through passion, hard work and perseverance, until convincing, concrete results are obtained in the form of fine wine.



I have ordered the entire set of Waterford distillery releases from a magnitude of different retailers and auctions and the pristine condition in which I received the items from Green Acres was by far the best - thanks for the care you have taken to ensure they reach the customer in immaculate condition!

Scott Kilbee

Had a fabulous meal Monday night in great Company - stunning private room & back to the Art Gallery Tuesday morning with coffee/cake afterwards - will definitely recommend this venue & the wonderful Patrick

Pauline Treacy

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