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en primeur

Sometimes buying wine en primeur is called investing in wine futures, so to avoid any confusion we’d like to briefly explain what en primeur actually means and why you might invest.
Put simply, en primeur is a method of purchasing wines early i.e. while the wine is still in the barrel. Therefore people have an opportunity to buy the wine before it is bottled. Why do this? Well, first of all the wines may be considerably cheaper before it is matured and bottled and secondly, if the wine is only available in small quantities, it is one way of securing an allocation.
The caveat of buying wine from the barrel (en primeur), however, is that it is not a guarantee that the wine will increase in value. Therein lies one good reason for consulting experts such as ourselves. If you would like to know more about buying en primeur, contact James or Donal here in Green Acres and you can avail of our years of experience and knowledge.
Please contact donal@greenacres.ie if you are looking for a specific wine that is not listed below. 

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Bordeaux En Primeur refers to the process of selling Bordeaux wines before they are bottled, typically shortly after harvest. This process is unique to the Bordeaux region of France and is highly anticipated by wine enthusiasts and collectors around the world.

For many years, Bordeaux En Primeur was primarily a way for wine merchants and brokers to reserve wines for their customers before they were released to the market. Today, however, En Primeur has become a global event, with wine critics, journalists, and collectors descending on Bordeaux each Spring for tastings of the latest vintage.

The En Primeur process typically begins in April, a few months after grape harvesting, and runs through June. During this time, wine producers and merchants offer samples of their wines to critics and buyers who taste and rate the wines, giving an indication of their quality and value.

There are many advantages to purchasing Bordeaux En Primeur wines. For one, buyers can often purchase the wines at a significant discount compared to waiting until they are bottled and released to the market. Additionally, En Primeur wines are often in high demand and can appreciate in value over time, making them a smart investment for collectors.

However, there are also risks associated with buying En Primeur wines. Tasting notes and ratings can change over time, and it is possible for a highly rated En Primeur wine to underperform once it is bottled. Additionally, wines can be subject to market fluctuations meaning that their value may not appreciate as expected.

Despite these risks, the En Primeur process remains a popular and exciting way to acquire Bordeaux wines. Whether one is a collector, investor, or simply a lover of Bordeaux wine, purchasing En Primeur offers a unique opportunity to taste the latest vintage and be a part of a tradition that has been celebrated for many decades.