Lam'Oro 2013 Toscana Rosso Lamole Di Lamole


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The historic Lamole di Lamole winery stands on a building dating from the mid-14th century: one of the storehouses of Lamole castle, which was progressively extended in the 17th and 18th centuries. Today it houses the cellars where the estate's wines are aged and its Vinsanto is fermented. Here you will not only find the latest vintages of our multi-award-winning Riserva Campolungo cru, but also the historic memory of Lamole di Lamole: dozens of bottles of past vintages that testify both to the ageing potential of the estate's wines, derived from the unique terroir, and to the age-old knowledge that pervades this very special village. Over the years, the old ageing cellar and Vinsanto cellar have been joined by a more modern fermentation cellar in Lamole, just a stone?s throw from the piazza dominated by the Romanesque church of San Donato, and the new production facilities in Greti in Chianti, with a modern visitors? centre.

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I have ordered the entire set of Waterford distillery releases from a magnitude of different retailers and auctions and the pristine condition in which I received the items from Green Acres was by far the best - thanks for the care you have taken to ensure they reach the customer in immaculate condition!

Scott Kilbee

Had a fabulous meal Monday night in great Company - stunning private room & back to the Art Gallery Tuesday morning with coffee/cake afterwards - will definitely recommend this venue & the wonderful Patrick

Pauline Treacy

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