De Malle 2005

De Malle 2005


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The first traces of vines at Malle go back to the 15th Century. It is generally thought that until the middle of the 17th Century the white wines in the Sauternes region were actually dry wines, and the oldest known and direct reference to a vintage of sweet wines goes back to 1666. The 1855 classification served as confirmation of the great quality of the sweet white wine of Chateau de Malle. Each year the fruit of the vine patiently awaits the progressive invasion of the noble fungus called botrytis cinerea. The vintage, in accordance with tradition, is still brought in by hand by means of successive selective pickings. Each individual grape is only snipped off once it has achieved a perfect state of roti, that is to say, when it is shrivelled up and fully concentrated. Three to five pickings are usually necessary. This varies depending upon all the combined conditions for making great Sauternes. The average size of the vintage is minimal and is situated between 12 and 15 hectolitres per hectare.

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