The Last Drop Distillers: 1971 Blended Scotch Whisky

The Last Drop Distillers: 1971 Blended Scotch Whisky

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  • This complex whisky was first blended in 1983 as a Premium 12yo Blend for the USA, using over 40 different malts and grains all of which had been distilled in 1971
  • The balance of the spirit from the original Blend was refilled into 11 ex-Oloroso Sherry Butts, where it was left to age for a further nine years before a small volume was siphoned off and bottled as a 21yo Blend
  • After bottling, the balance of spirit was refilled once more, this time into nine ex-American Oak Barrels. The casks were then returned to an old traditional dunnage maturation warehouse where they lay for a further 24 years, during which time they were acquired by TLD. To all extents and purposes this can be classed as a ‘Triple Matured’ Blend which is very rare and probably unique for such an old whisky.

It was bottled as a 45-year-old whisky.



I have ordered the entire set of Waterford distillery releases from a magnitude of different retailers and auctions and the pristine condition in which I received the items from Green Acres was by far the best - thanks for the care you have taken to ensure they reach the customer in immaculate condition!

Scott Kilbee

Had a fabulous meal Monday night in great Company - stunning private room & back to the Art Gallery Tuesday morning with coffee/cake afterwards - will definitely recommend this venue & the wonderful Patrick

Pauline Treacy

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