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The Last Drop Distillers: 'Centenario' Very Old Colheita Tawny Port - 1870 & 1970 Duo

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BEN HOWKINS, an authority on both port  and sherry, and long time friend of The  Last Drop, felt that tawny port had a place  in The Last Drop portfolio. He travelled to  the Douro Valley and met with his great  friend and contact, Cristiano van Zeller, of  the family originally behind the Quinta da  Noval port house.  Cristiano  and Ben  tasted two ports which became our  Centenario release: from 1870 and 1970,  these two ports, made 100 years apart,  come from the same vineyards in  the  Douro Valley, but the 1870 is from pre-  phylloxera grapes and the 1970 from new  vines planted after phylloxera had  decimated the vines of Europe. A  fascinating piece of history, and a  remarkable glimpse into the past as seen  through a  glass.  Imagine  tasting  something utterly delicious that  is  over  150 years old!.


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I have ordered the entire set of Waterford distillery releases from a magnitude of different retailers and auctions and the pristine condition in which I received the items from Green Acres was by far the best - thanks for the care you have taken to ensure they reach the customer in immaculate condition!

Scott Kilbee

Had a fabulous meal Monday night in great Company - stunning private room & back to the Art Gallery Tuesday morning with coffee/cake afterwards - will definitely recommend this venue & the wonderful Patrick

Pauline Treacy

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