Green Acres of Wexford wines

Wine Investment

Investing in wine is nothing new. However, like with any other type of investment it pays to use a professional to make or help with the decision making.

For instance we would recommend speaking with your tax advisor before embarking on a wine investment journey.

In general, if you want to avoid the secondary market for wines, it makes sense only to invest in the top wines of Bordeaux and some from Burgundy. It may be expensive initially but history has shown that sticking to the best is realistically the safest strategy.

Whilst Donal Morris and James O’Connor are not investment advisors, they both are experts when it comes to wine, particularly those from Bordeaux. As not all well-known wines are suitable for investment at least they will offer insights into various wines and hopefully avoid putting funds into the wrong type of wines.

Contact Donal or James on or if you would like to discuss any aspect of wine investment.