Pairing Wine and Movie Nights at Home

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that it’s hard to beat movie nights at home. Well, there is one thing better – movie nights and a glass of wine.

Over the last number of months, during the COVID-19 restrictions, if you’re like me you’ve been watching more movies than normal (and possibly drinking more wine as a result).

While watching some of those movies, I found myself thinking … is there a specific wine that would suit the mood of this movie?  I know, I’ve too much time on my hands.

Anyway, as we head into December, in this post I am going to talk about types of wines that I’d match with movie genres and finish off with a list of wine movies you should catch up on.

Let’s Get the Movie Night Wine Flowing

Before we pick the wine, I think that we should set-up the room to be different from normal TV viewing

  • First things first – turn off all mobile devices such as smartphones etc.
  • Arrange the sofas/chairs/couches/beanbags etc. in theatre style (V) so that everyone can see the full screen.
  • Here’s a rule of thumb for you. Pop your red wine into the fridge for 10/15 minutes before you open it. If you have your white wine chilling in the fridge – take it out 10/15 minutes before you open it.
  • Glass sizes? Pour a third of a glass with red wine, a half of a glass with white wine and three quarters of a glass sparkling wine.

Pairing Wine and Movie Nights

Needless to say, people’s taste in movies is very subjective. For that reason, I’m going to suggest my pairings with movie genres rather than specific movies (except under Classics below). You’ll get my drift as you read on.

To me pairing the wine should be about enhancing a mood and enriching the experience. That being said, drink whatever you like if the mood takes you there.

I really believe that whether you’re obsessed with rom-coms or want to be scared out of your skin, there’s a taste match that’d be perfect for you.

Image by 1392094 from Pixabay

Classic Movie Nights

  • Casino Royale (2006): White Rioja from Spain offers masculinity and undeniable earthiness.
  • Some Like it Hot (1959): French Champagne just reminds me this sexy and funny romp.
  • Ratatouille (2007): A cute French rat movie about food hints of a red Bordeaux blend for me.
  • Raging Bull (1980): Barbaresco from Italy matches the strong Italian music score here.

Romantic Movie Nights

Movies in this genre might include the Notebook (’04) or When Harry Met Sally (’89), so I’d be suggesting a Rosé wine (Summer love etc). Dry for tear-jerkers, and sweeter for rom coms.

Image by Sammy-Williams from Pixabay

Horror Movie Nights

For adrenaline lovers, we need a wine that’ll have the taste buds alive throughout. I think a Pinot Noir would be good for this. It does have a subtle flavour, but the acidity keeps the taste lively! I’m thinking of the psychological horrors rather than the chainsaw ones.

Comedy Movie Nights

Any white wine that’s light will help will bring the humour to life. Try a Pinot Grigio (or Gris) with its mild, bright and citrusy notes. This is not a complex wine, but neither are most comedies either. Why not giggle away through Bridesmaids (’11) with a glass of this cheerful wine.

Drama Movie Nights

Dramas are known for their seriousness, intrigue, and theatrics. A Syrah from France has a flavour profile that enhances each of these qualities. Syrah’s peppery finish will delight and thrill your taste buds without compromising its depth. It is as hearty as the thickest dramatic plot.

Mystery Movie Nights

Cabernet Sauvignon, the world’s most popular red wine, has a clear, acidic, and bitter flavour. Its sensual red colour will be nearly as compelling as the movie you’re watching. Its acidic bite will make your tongue feel like it’s been shocked with adrenaline – full of complexity, just like mysteries.

Image by Minh Thái Lê from Pixabay

Musical Movie Nights

Fun, lively, catchy, and theatrical, musicals need a wine that’s just as much of a crowd-pleaser. I’m going to suggest a Chardonnay here. You can’t beat a good sing-a-long such as Mamma-Mia (’08) with a glass of creamy Chardonnay in your hand.

Action Movie Nights

I’m going to suggest a wine that packs a punch here. A Primativo from Italy (Zinfandel in USA) has a spicy finish which is what you might be experiencing in your action-packed movie. And when there’s no action – the fruity overtones and low acidity will fill that gap for you.

Animation Movie Nights

As the movie transports you to another world, you need to try a wine that perhaps you wouldn’t be used to. So, I’m going to suggest a Riesling as you watch any of those Pixar animations. The fruity fresh taste will carry you along on the flying carpet, or across the waves with Moana (’16).

Do you want another angle on wine and movie nights? Try and pick movies that are known for a specific type of wine. Here is a link to a great article by Wine Searcher which lists actual wines highlighted in various movies.

Sideways Movie Scene

Watch an Actual Movie About Wine

Perhaps not everybody’s cup-of-tea but I must admit that having a glass of wine whilst watching a movie about wine is heaven for me. There are some great documentaries about wine and a few entertaining movies, so here’s my list of ones to keep an eye out for.

 In fact, they seem to be on Amazon Prime rather than Netflix – but have a look if you can.

  • Sour Grapes (good documentary about the fraudster Rudy Kurniawan)
  • Somm (follows a group of friends as they prepare for the Master Sommelier exam)
  • Somm: Into the Bottle (attempts to answer the question: ‘why is wine so fascinating)
  • Sideways (A comedy really but does highlight a lot about Pinot Noir)
  • A Year in Burgundy (a bit nerdy about wine regions of the world)
  • Red Obsession (about Bordeaux wines and the surge of Chinese investments in wine)
  • A Year in Port (Examines the Port industry specifically in Oporto, Portugal)
  • Bottle Shock (the Judgement of Paris 1976 – a true story)
  • A Good Year (a charming movie about romance rather than wine – enjoy it)

Don’t Simply Watch a Movie; experience it

During lockdown (COVID-19) or now during these cold Winter evenings, what better experience than to arrange a movie night at home with the family. Get that favourite throw out, the popcorn on, dim the lights and choose a wine to match the movie.

If you would like to order any of the wines mentioned in this post, please email me to, browse greenacres wine or ring us on  +353 (0) 53 91 22975. Enjoy the the wine your with.

#maskingforafriend – Talk Soon – James.

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