Alternative Options for Mother's Day Wines

When it comes to Mother’s Day wines, every year seems to be the same. A few days to go and the scramble for last minute gifts begins. Well this year be one step ahead. The usual suspects will be purchased but why not put a little more thought into a treat for your Mother. I am going to keep this short and to the point. I am also going to stick to what we know best – wine, so we’ll leave the flowers etc. to others around town. If your mother is partial to a glass of wine well then, it is never an unwelcome gift option. She probably has a favourite but why not get her a similar bottle but one she may not have tasted before. Below I’m going to offer some new options of Mother’s Day wines based on grape variety or region that just may become your Mum’s new favourite wine. If you like any of the suggestions feel free to contact me here in Green Acres and we can chat about what suits your Mum’s taste and your pocket. Of course, there are other options such as pamper hampers and gin or chocolates or a meal out but for this post I’m going to stick to the wine. Alternative Wines for Mother’s Day
  • Rather than Chardonnay – give Condrieu/Voigner. If she likes rich, buttery, white fruit flavours then a full bodied Condrieu/Viognier won’t disappoint.
  • Rather than Sauvignon Blanc – give Gruner Veltiner. Think flavours of zesty and subtle white peach which will be similar to the crisp fruit flavours of a SB.
  • Rather than Cabernet Sauvignon – give Tempranillo. Not as aromatic as the Cab Sauv. this popular spanish grape has flavours of plum and strawberry.
  • Rather than Malbec – give Merlot. Malbec is a crowd-pleasing everyday wine but Merlot also shares some of these characteristics such as dark fruit and a soft, round body.
  • Rather than Pinot Noir – give Grenache. Usually, Pinot Noirs from France will have a sharp acidity and savoury minerality. Grenache is also red-fruited and changes slightly dependent upon the region.
  • Rather than Moscato – give Gewurztraminer. The slightly sweet and fizzy Moscato will be lighter than a Gewurztraminer but this wine from Alsace will have a similar aromatic and generous fruit flavour.

Needless to say, a bottle of bubbles is always a welcome gift for Mother's Day, be it Champagne, Cava or Prosecco #mothersday19 #greenacresirl #discoverwine
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Actually my Patrick’s Pick last Friday is a very interesting wine for Mother’s Day, I believe. It is a Franciacorte – Le Cantorie Franciacorte Brut. This is a sparkling wine from the section of the Province of Brescia in the Italian Region of Lombardy. We have it on offer all week at a 20% discount, while stocks last. If your Mum is not a wine drinker well, a gift that is getting increasingly popular is our gin hamper. It comes with our own Green Acres Irish Gin, glasses and tonics. If you’re still unsure, here is one way that you will definitely not disappoint – a Mother’s Day Gift Voucher. I started talking about wine so I’ll finish on it. Another option that’s extremely popular for Mother’s Day is a bottle of rosé. Some people opt for this choice over roses! Here are three handy tips if you are serving rosé.
  • Serve all rosés chilled at about 7-12°C – the lighter the rosé colour, the more chilled – two hours in the refrigerator should be enough time to get it to the best temperature.
  • Don’t over chill or you will chill out most of the flavour. If your glass fogs up so much that you can’t see the wine in it, then it is over-chilled. Let it rest at room temperature for about 10 minutes.
  • Drink most rosés within a year of their vintage. They are made to be expressive of fresh fruit and generally are not suited to age.
What ever you decide to go with I’m sure it will be well appreciated. If I can make it easier to help you decide just drop me an email at or contact any of us through the website. One last thing – did you know that we launched the Green Acres mobile app recently? Now you can bring us home in your pocket. Book tables, browse wines, learn of special offers, check events, connect with us, earn loyalty rewards and much more.  We would really appreciate if you would click on either of the tabs below to download for free.

Talk to you soon – Cheers, Patrick.

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