Paul Hughes - On the Dawning of the Day

Paul Hughes - On the Dawning of the Day

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(Paul Hughes statement on his work)

they never learn, they never learn, beyond the point of no return
of no return.’

My mother always said I was a daydreamer.
She said I would spend hours and hours staring out, lost in my own world. Silently,
standing, dreaming

My Mother early in 2020.
And I miss you everyday.
And she was right. I am a daydreamer.

But aren’t we all. Really.
All daydreamers in our own unique way.

I have created these works especially for this series of “Staccato” exhibitions.
And they are made of this place, Ireland.
Made of the unique Irish light. Most often the beautiful dark light.
I stare out and get lost in my own dreams.
Lost and beautiful places, lost in the beautiful spaces between the land, the sea and the sky.

Lost in the beautiful places between here and there, between above and below, that space between me and you, the space between what we feel.

The rising and falling and fading every moving moment, the never-ending ever-changing
light. It captures my heart, mesmerises me, enslaves me.
I stand, still stare and do everything I can to absorb it all.
Take it all in and let it overwhelm my soul.
Every moment different from the one before.
Every breath a new one, every blink revealing a delicate change, a movement in the air.

As I watch my daydreams drift. Endlessly.
And when I go back into studio these paintings are what I'm driven to paint. What wants to come back out.



I have ordered the entire set of Waterford distillery releases from a magnitude of different retailers and auctions and the pristine condition in which I received the items from Green Acres was by far the best - thanks for the care you have taken to ensure they reach the customer in immaculate condition!

Scott Kilbee

Had a fabulous meal Monday night in great Company - stunning private room & back to the Art Gallery Tuesday morning with coffee/cake afterwards - will definitely recommend this venue & the wonderful Patrick

Pauline Treacy

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